Our Philosophy

All children have the right to experience quality child care, we believe it is important to be: warm, caring and attentive to and respectful of children’s individual needs and culturally sensitive and accepting of differences in ethnic backgrounds and customs. Therefore our children will be treated equally, and each child’s social and cultural background will be acknowledged and respected.

Positive social, emotional, physical, intellectual, creative and spiritual experiences are an important part of children’s development.

We believe:

That each child is an individual, with unique abilities and interests.
In encouraging positive relationships between the children, parents and caregivers/educators: Parents are welcomed to visit the child care centre at all times and feel free to discuss any concerns. Caregivers/educators will provide parents with information on the day to day occurrences in the life of their child and notify parents of any problems that arise. We also believe in forming positive relationships by using a responsive, accepting and informative interactive approach.
Each child’s family knows their child best, and child care professionals will work in partnership with families to ensure the best outcomes for their children.
That children learn and develop through their play, interests and meaningful interactions with others, therefore we believe in providing innovative indoor and outdoor play experiences.
In using positive techniques in teaching social skills for example when actively interacting with the children and encouraging them to respond.
In providing a well planned long day care environment that invites children to learn and play. An environment that is neat and clean, and organised into activity areas. An environment that provides enough materials and equipment that is age appropriate. Planned activities to encourage imaginative play and other play opportunities that enhances children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.
boy in long day care in Sydney inner west
In providing a safe environment with appropriate staffing ratios, staff that are vigilant in supervising children at all times and staff that are educated and trained in early childhood. Actively responding in cases of emergencies and following sanitary procedures at all times. In addition to providing adequate lighting, temperature and noise control.
In providing a wealth of services which will contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of our children and our families. These services will include: healthy nutrition, preventative health care, monitoring of child development, provision of sick children, consultation with outside specialists for individual child and family needs, advocacy, provision of services to children with disabilities, parent involvement programs, planned and organised activities and continual staff growth and development.

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